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About the show

Pega Developer Podcast features intimate conversations with developers from a variety of industries, backgrounds and geographic locations, who are using Pega technology to positively shape and influence their workplaces and communities.


  • Episode 5: Why constraints are necessary for innovation

    January 13th, 2021  |  17 mins 15 secs

    The second episode in a two-part series with Pega's Baruch Sachs (Vice President of Client Innovation) as he chats with Pega’s Timothy Harfield to discuss the history of the Pega Express Methodology and the importance of constraints that are necessary for innovation.

  • Episode 4: How philosophy informs modern technology

    December 21st, 2020  |  17 mins 39 secs
    pega developer podcast, pega express methodology, scrum

    The first of a two-part series, we are excited to be joined by Pega's Baruch Sachs (Vice President of Client Innovation) as he sits down with us for a wide ranging conversation on Baruch’s background in philosophy, his current thinking about the state of technology adoption and how the Pega Express methodology differs from other approaches to development and automation.

  • Episode 3: Pega Hacakthon Winners: Team Pyra

    December 2nd, 2020  |  17 mins 2 secs

    As a team of recent college graduates working at Pega partner srcLogic, Team Pyra viewed the Pega Community Hackathon as an opportunity to create an innovative app using the Pega DX API for the first time. In this episode, we’ll get an inside look into what it takes to launch a career as a Pega developer and the collaborative process involved in building a hackathon-winning app.

  • Episode 2: Pega Hackathon Winners: Angelo Mermiklis

    November 4th, 2020  |  16 mins 16 secs

    In this episode of the Pega Developer podcast, we chat with Angelo Mermiklis about his entry in the 2020 Pega Community Hackathon,

  • Episode 1: Pega Hackathon Winners: Ajanathan Arulanathar

    September 23rd, 2020  |  13 mins 41 secs

    In our first episode of our Pega Developer Podcast, we chat with the 2020 Pega Hackathon winner, Ajanathan Arulanathar, about background and Hackathon entry.